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E. Scientific
GEN - FAQ0003

Q: Regarding Gram-negative data collection. Please can you explain why permanent pacemaker and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator is included in the intravascular device category rather than the in the cardiovascular?

A: For the primary focus of infection, the option “Intravascular device” is for when an intravascular device is the confirmed (perhaps by a tip culture) source of infection. However, the “Cardiovascular or vascular” option is for when there is no confirmation but the vascular system is the suspected primary focus of infection based on the consultant or clinical microbiologist’s best opinion or assessment.

The latter option has two type, with and without prosthetic materials. These are for vascular system as the suspected primary focus, with the presence or absence of a prosthetic material. In the case where there is a prosthetic material, it would differ from the “Intravascular device” option because this material/device is not the confirmed source.

The options are to differentiate between a confirmed and suspected primary focus of infection.