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Q: What is the case definition of MRSA bacteraemia used for reporting cases onto the DCS?

A: The protocol outlines the case definitions for MRSA bacteraemia. In summary the case definition for MRSA bacteraemia is as follows:
All cases of MRSA bacteraemia caused by S. aureus resistant to methicillin, oxycillin and flucloxacillin.
  • This includes all MRSA positive blood cultures identified within each Trust, whether clinically significant or not, whether treated or not, whether acquired in Trust providing the testing or not.
  • All cases should be reported regardless of location of the patient at the time the specimen was taken i.e. regardless of whether the patient was in a hospital or another setting; this includes blood cultures taken within 48 hours of admission to hospital.
  • Positive blood cultures taken within 14 days of the first sample should not reported as they are considered to be the same episode, unless a negative blood culture has been obtained in the interim period. Positive blood cultures taken more than 14 days after the first sample of each episode should be reported, as these are considered to be part of a new episode.
  • MecA-negative isolates are not regarded as MRSA in this instance, and need not be reported, irrespective of their level of meticillin resistance