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CE - FAQ0021

Q: How do I delete a record that I have just added?

A: To remove/delete a case that has already been inputted onto the system, you need to:

  • Type in the Case ID number (or the patient NHS number or DOB if this is not available) on the 'Search' page and select the appropriate organism i.e. MRSA, C.difficile, E.coli etc.
  • Click on the blue 'Find' button.
  • Select the case/s you wish to delete by ticking the checkbox next to the blue 'View' button on the left hand side of the case. This should activate the 'blue “delete” button, on the bottom right hand sidfe of the HCAI DCS.
  • Click on the “delete” button to delete a record/s on the HCAI DCS.