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Q: What is the procedure for requesting an Unlock of the HCAI Data Capture System for signed-Off months in which cases need to be added, deleted or amended?

A: Corrections to the number of records will require the CEO for the Trust to email the mandatory inbox ( mandatory.surveillance@phe.gov.uk) to confirm that he/she is happy for data that has been signed off as correct to be unlocked.

However, if you are only wanting to amend the records without adding or deleting them, then it would be sufficient to copy your CEO into the email so that he/she is aware that changes are going to be made to the data already held on the system.

Once we receive this confirmation we will be able to unlock the data set for you at a time that is convenient for you or the person making the changes. Please be aware, unlocks are controlled and the data will automatically re-lock at midnight that night.

Please note before unlocking the data set we will require the following information in order to unlock the data set:
  • The collection you wish to unlock - e.g. MRSA, MSSA, P. aeruginosa, Klebseilla, E. coli or C. difficile?
  • Are you adding, deleting, or amending records?
  • How many records will be affected and what are their HCAI ID numbers? (Please note if you are adding cases you will need to provide ID numbers once you have entered them on to the HCAI data capture system.)
  • The specimen months that will be affected
  • Confirm whether the additional cases are a result of the routine mandatory versus voluntary data checks? If so, please provide the case ID’s for the cases (these may be found on the first column of the spreadsheet received).
  • Provide a reason for deleting cases if this is required
  • Provide a convenient date and time for the person making the changes (anytime during working hours; Mon-Fri, 8-5pm)
Please note – we only require the case ID as a form of identification of the cases to be amended, PLEASE DO NOT SEND NHS numbers or any other patient identifiable information, as this is a breach of information governance.