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Frequently Asked Questions
C. Data queries
Apportionment Rules
APP - FAQ0003

Q: What does Location of onset/Onset of Infection mean?

A: Mandatory Surveillance terminology uses Location of Onset to refer to where the infection is deemed to have been acquired.

APP - FAQ0004

Q: If an error is made regarding whether a patient has been an inpatient in a trust in the last 3 months prior to their CDI, does this affect our hospital onset numbers? or are the community or hospital onset definitions based solely on admission date and date of positive specimen?

A: No, hospital onset numbers are only effected by patient location and the difference between the admission date and the positive specimen date. Since April 2017 there is a secondary algorithm for CDI based on prior healthcare exposure. This does not replace the apportionment algorithm based on the admission date and specimen date.

An error on the prior trust exposure tab will impact the type of community onset category ( ie COHA, COIA, COCA) the case is determined to be. ~~~ADD LINK TO NEW CDI PUBLICATION

ATT - FAQ0006

Q: Why are hospital-onset cases attributed to CCG’s?

A: Because CCG’s commission the care.