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1. Online Guidance

Mandatory Enhanced HCAI Surveillance Protocol

This is the protocol for the mandatory surveillance of MRSA, MSSA and E. coli bacteraemia and Clostridioides difficile infection, it contains detailed information on the surveillance programmes' case definitions, procedures and field descriptions.

Mandatory Enhanced Surveillance Protocol

Help is provided for the HCAI Data Capture System in the form of online documentation.

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Prior Trust Exposure Update

This document provides an overview of the additional prior healthcare exposure questions included in the surveillance from April 2017.

Clarification of prior trust exposure definitions

Gram-negative Bacteraemia Infections Updates

This document provides an overview of the updates made to the Gram-negative bacteraemia surveillance reports from October 2017

Gram-negative bacteraemia Updates

Gram-negative Bacteraemia Definition Guidance

This document provides guidance on how Healthcare-associated GNBSI are defined and clarification on the proposed terminology to be used explaining the different categories

NHS Improvement Definition of Healthcare Associated Gram-negative bloodstream Infections

Changes to the HCAI data capture system

These documents provide an overview of the changes/enhancements made to the HCAI DCS.

June 2021

March 2021

July 2020

Data Submission Forms

The attached data collection forms are designed to aid the mandatory reporting of the mandatory data collections by facilitating data collection on ward rounds. Please note there is a requirement for all information reported via these forms to subsequently be entered on the HCAI DCS.

Gram-negative surveillance form

Clostridioides difficile surveillance form

Staphylococcus surveillance form

User Guides

Case Capture

  Case Capture User Guide

  Case Capture QMLR User Guide

  Case Capture Renal User Guide

  Case Capture PIR Workflow User Guide

  Case Capture Search User Guide

  Unlock Requests User Guide

  Data Upload Wizard User Guide

  Data Upload Wizard Templates and Data Dictionaries

Sign-Off & Sharing

  Case Capture Sharing User Guide

  Sign Off User Guide


  Home Dashboard User Guide

  Summary Dashboard User Guide

  Benchmarking Dashboard User Guide

  Data Completeness Dashboard User Guide


  Counts & Rates Report User Guide

  Duplicates Report User Guide

  Line Listings Report User Guide

  CEO SignOff Report User Guide

  QMLR Report User Guide

  Monthly Summary Reports User Guide

  Annual Summary Reports User Guide

  Nil Returns Report User Guide

PIR Reports

  PIR Status Finalisation Report User Guide

  PIR Unlock Report User Guide

  PIR Open Stages Report User Guide
Data & Algorithims

  Data Dictionaries

  Denominators User Guide

  Algorithms Location of Onset User Guide

  Algorithms CCG Attribution User Guide

  Algorithms LA Mapping User Guide
  Delete Cache User Guide
End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

In order to verify an account on the the HCAI data capture system, all users are required to read and accept the End User Licence Aggreement (EULA)